Lazy Sunday Reading


I’ve always been a lover of reading books and flicking through magazines but since growing up and getting a full time job (sigh) I’ve found that I really need to schedule in time to read. Nowadays I skip the tube to work and instead take the long route on the bus purely so I can take a pew and stick my nose in a book that I’m currently enjoying. Another time I get to have a gander through some books and magazines is on a lazy Sunday morning with a nice big mug of coffee and a cupboard full of eggs ready for a cookin’. So here’s a run down of what I’m currently loving.



  1. Pretty Happy by Kate Hudson – Ever since I watched ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ for the first ever time and multiple times since, I absolutely fell in love with Kate Hudson’s character both on screen and off. Both her and her mum Goldie Hawn are just the best people and have an approach to life that just leaves me in awe. So when I saw she had released a book I thought I would give it a go and find out what her secret is. I’ve only read a little bit of this book but so far so good! It’s styled a bit like a work book so get your pen and paper at the ready and the idea is that you work through and write down things about yourself as you learn about how she feels is the best way to live life.
  2. Belle Magazine – I recently did a little haul in Selfridge’s extensive magazine department and came out with this lovely interiors magazine courtesy of the Aussies. Always a sucker for a good cover, I loved the pinks, blues and golds featured on the front and the relaxed styles of interiors inside the magazine.


3. Hello Fashion Magazine – For a magazine that will only set you back a pound, I’ve been impressed with Hello Fashion Magazine since it’s launch. Their fashion pages are always lovely and the photography styling from this interview with Florrie Arnold is just the best for English Countryside whimsy.


4. National Geographic Traveller – So I’m the first to admit I’m pretty terrible at Geography but I also love to travel about and see new things. So I thought what better way to learn about the world than through a glossy magazine filled with lovely pictures and text that my more creative brain can better compute! I haven’t quite delved into this properly yet but fingers crossed this new idea might actually work.

So these are all the books and magazines that are keeping my bed company today, what are your favourites? Hope you have a wonderful weekend x


Insta-faves this week

IMG_7926 IMG_7927 IMG_7928 IMG_7929 IMG_7930 IMG_7931 IMG_7932  IMG_7934

I’ve been tap-tap-tapping away at lots of wonderfully inspiring pictures filling my Instagram newsfeed this week. I’ve been loving everything from lust worthy bedside arrangements to events that are dreamy in every sense of the word. Here’s the run down of all the images and where I’ve swiped them from for this post…

  1. Hay Design – Rugs, rugs everywhere. The textures and the colours in this photo are perfect.
  2. Knot and Pop – Erm can I get married here please and never leave? The people over at Knot and Pop are so talented it hurts.
  3. Design Sponge – Pink and green are really having a moment and I for one can’t get enough.
  4. Kate La Vie – The best at effortless scandi-cool, Kate’s kitchen is a highly lustworthy affair.
  5. Julia Hengel – If your Sunday morning involves crisp white sheets and peonies you’re definitely onto a winner.
  6. Lucy Williams 02 – Oh if only I was the Lucy sitting at this place setting. The Scandinavians know how to do a festival as I learned on a recent trip to Stockholm and Midsommer is definitely one of their very best.
  7. I Feel Smug – I’m barmy about botanicals at the moment and this picture is so simple and chic. This would be the perfect runner for a cheap but effective dinner table.
  8. Glitter Guide – This is the definition of dreamy. I would attempt to recreate this but something tells me I’ll just end up with candy floss in my hair and a very sticky face….