Get the Look: Midnight Safari


Could there be a colour more voluptuously beautiful yet scarily daring than navy blue? With years of being made to feel like you need to decorate your homes with whites and creams “to bring the light in”, “it’s all the about the light!” the thought of actively choosing a dark colour to make your room feel intentionally dingy-er can feel a bit frightening. But alas, do not fret as you can delve into the depths of the dark blue and come out beaming knowing that you make the right choice. The key here is – balance. If you’re opting for a dark blue, lift things with lighter shaded cushions, wall frames and rugs and a touch of gold here and there won’t hurt either.

So after an evening spent trawling the high street online (under a blanket with a cup of tea, naturally), I have pulled together a rather lovely look that will make you feel like you are sitting under the midnight sky on safari every night….maybe. But you get the idea, this look is perfect to set the ambience in your living room or really make you embrace the night time in your bedroom. Below are all the links to these wonderful high street finds.

  1. Tall Window Mirror – Tesco
  2. Soft Mole Coloured Blanket – H & M
  3. Geometric Box Print – Society 6
  4. Geometric Mountain Print – Society 6
  5. Copper Clock – Tesco
  6. Geometric Lamp – Primark
  7. Yellow Cushion – H & M
  8. Blue Tapestry Cushion – Marks and Spencers
  9. Zebra Cushion – Marks and Spencers
  10. Elephant Candle – Primark
  11. Magazine Rack – H & M

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